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Sam Guner

Grand Master

Serdar Guner

  • Born Wollongong, Australia 1981
  • Starded Taekwondo in Vienna, Austria 1991
  • Acheived 1st Dan 1996
  • Moved to Australia in 1998
  • Australian representative 1998-2004
  • Founded DOS TAEKWONDO in 2005
  • Acheived 6th Dan in 2011
  • See more at:


Kerem Taslak

  • 4th dan
  • Started tkd 1992 when i was 5
  • Got my first 1st place trophy in 1995
  • 1st place in 1998 australasian cup in melbourne
  • 1st place south pacific club 1999
  • Australian champion 1999
  • 2012 nz open champ
  • 1996 nsw champ
  • 1997 australian champ


Yumi Son

  • 5th dan
  • Bachelor’s degree of t.k.d
  • Referee (KTF)

Our Team is composed of expert and well-trained taekwondo masters and is lead by our professional Taekwondo Grand Master Kerem Teslek. Here are the achievements and accomplishments gained by our Grand Master.

  • 1st place in 1998 Australasian Cup in Melbourne
  • 1st place South Pacific Club 1999
  • Australian Champion 1999
  • 2012 NZ open Champ
  • 1996 NSW Champ
  • 1997 Australian Champ

Our team helps our students learn by guiding them thoroughly, giving their selves chances to discover their talents on their own.

Here are the characteristics of a good trainer that our team members possess:



  • Our members take time to know their students. They give a lot of effort to teach the students what they need to know. A trainer without patience is not effective as he will only rush his students and may only focus on achievements. Our trainers here at Sydney Taekwondo Academy are very patient that they monitor the improvement of each student.




  • Every Lesson affects the students physically, mentally and emotionally. Our trainer’s understand the impact of these lessons to our trainers, so they easily can respond to the needs of our students.


Thinking outside the Box


  • Our team is open to new ideas and has a wide perspective. Each student is unique and we must be able to cater their needs no matter what their differences are. We do these by being flexible and thinking outside of the box.




  • Our team members encourage our students by giving feedbacks informally and through formal evaluation.


Lively and Enthusiastic


  • To be able to motivate our students, the trainers must be enthusiastic and lively. Our trainers give life to boring sessions.


These are some of the characteristics that our team members have. We provide the best taekwondo trainers in Australia.